Does Alcohol Cause Depression?

Does Alcohol Cause Depression?

Many people in the United States suffer from depression, but not everyone talks about it. It can really change how your brain works and how you respond to normal situations. Depression  1 in 15 adults, so most likely you know someone suffering from it. Depression is nothing to joke around about because it can ruin a life.

Alcohol And Depression

A lot of people who have depression are also addicted to alcohol. This is because people with mental disorders are more likely to abuse alcohol to help them cope with their problems. When someone is depressed, they might drink alcohol to make them feel something else.

The problem is that alcohol is a depressant so it can actually make depression worse over time. Using it to self-medicate does nothing good for you in the long run. An alcohol depression can be a real downer and last for quite a while.

Since alcohol is a depressant that means it depresses the central nervous system function, it slows it down. It can also lower the good mood chemicals in your brain and actually make it harder for you to feel good.

Drinking alcohol can really mess with you and make you wonder how to deal with depression and anxiety because it makes it worse.

Signs And Symptoms of Depression

Like any other mental illness, depression can show up in many different ways. There are some common signs and symptoms of depression that most people have thought. Those symptoms include:

–    Appetite changes

–    Anxiety

–    Decreased energy

–    Concentration problems

–    Fatigue

–    Feelings of hopelessness

–    Feelings of guilt

–    Feelings of worthlessness

–    Irritability

–    Loss of interest in hobbies and activities

–    Problems with making decisions

–    Restlessness

–    Sadness

–    Sleep disorders

–    Suicidal thoughts

It is also possible to have uncomfortable physical symptoms that arise thanks to depression. These physical symptoms include:

–    Aches

–    Headaches

–    Cramps

–    Digestive problems

When you mix alcohol with depression, you are just asking for the depression to get worse. Maybe alcohol can seem like a short term fix when you’re sad, but after a few drinks, you’ll be even worse off than before. Over time chronic alcoholism and depression can combine and even lead you to suicidal thoughts.

If you think you have depression don’t try to self-medicate. Instead, get the help that you need to make a full recovery.


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