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The Do-It-Yourself Approach

For some people, the desire to quit drinking overpowers everything else. They can often stop on their own by finding helpful information online or in books.

Battling the Underlying Problem

For those that suffer from depression, anxiety, or other stresses, the best way to tackle the alcoholism is by defeating the underlying cause that is the trigger for drinking in the first place.

Seeking Guidance

Sometimes going it alone doesn't work, and the individual needs a backup plan. Often times, when someone tries to quit alone, they stumbled due to situations and outside circumstances.

Prescription Drugs

Some people find that no matter what they do, they find themselves off the wagon. Instead of giving up all hope, there are prescription medications that can help reduce cravings

About us

If you or your loved one is struggling with alcohol addiction and don’t know where to turn, we can help. We offer A.A. centers that have a dedicated staff to help those trying to stay on the path to recovery by providing recovery services, support, and help around the clock when you need it the most.

No matter where you are located, there is a center near you that can provide council sessions and peer-to-peer support in a friendly atmosphere 24/7. Our mission is to help you overcome this addiction. You don’t have to go through this alone.

Where to Find Us?

Our A.A. services span across all of Area 83 in Eastern Canada. You will find more than 20 centers located in Eastern Ontario, Northern New York, Oakville, Cornwall, North-Eastern New York, and Pembroke. Each center is open around the clock to ensure that you or your loved one receive help when they need it the most.

Why Us?

You don’t have to go at this alone. Together we can overcome the addiction and get you back on your feet. We are here for you and understand that it takes support from people who have been there before. Don’t wait another day; get the help you need now.


Together we can win this war on alcohol abuse. With dedication and commitment, we can help others achieve sobriety. Get in touch with a clinic near you, or call one of our hotlines.  Your support and understanding are exactly what others need to overcome their obstacles.

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