Sober Life: What to Expect After Treatment

Getting sober isn’t something that can happen overnight. In fact, it is a constant struggle with urges, cravings, and triggers all waiting to pull you back under. But, if you are strong enough to admit you have a problem, then facing these other issues will become easier to deal with. But the real accomplishment is what happens to your body after you stop drinking.

Things to Expect

Sure, you may have started drinking to help you sleep better. Or maybe you began your journey to deal with stress. No matter what happened in the beginning, when you stop drinking your body changes.

The first major change occurs to your body while you sleep. Believe it or not, when you stop drinking, you will find yourself waking up sharper and keener. With better sleep, you will find your mood also improves as well as your concentration making you more aware of your triggers which you can then stop before they sink in.

If you thought you put on weight because of drinking too much, well, chances are you did. Drinking not only fills you with empty calories, but your brain’s reaction time is slower meaning you actually ate more too. When you stop, you will notice your portion sizes getting smaller. In the end, you could end up losing 5 to 10 pounds that you once put on due to drinking.

One of the most significant changes that occur isn’t to your body. Although, having a clearer complex, and better physique isn’t something to scoff at. What really changes though is your bank account. You will be amazed by how much you can save if you stop buying alcohol in the store or bars and start putting it away in a separate account. Plus with your new mood, and body, you could find yourself on vacation you always dreamed of.

Getting Sober

But getting and staying sober is a struggle, no doubt about it. There will be days that you want to reach for the bottle. It is in those moments you have to be real with yourself. If you need help, call someone or go out. Help is always just around the corner.

Another thing you may notice is the headaches, body aches, and even chills that come with sobering up. These will pass within a few hours to a day. Just keep telling yourself that it’s worth it because it is.

Living life sober offers new experiences you never thought possible. Just live in the moment and don’t worry about tomorrow. Remember you can’t change the things around you, but you can change you.