Alcohol Abuse Disorder – What is it?

The term ‘alcoholic’ is known as someone who has a constant desire or need to consume alcohol. These desires go beyond just a few drinks here and there. It is need that puts many people in an awkward situation that can eventually destroy their lives. But there is hope if the one consuming understands that they don’t have to live their life that way.

According to the National Institute of Health, 15.1 million adults in the United States suffers from this condition. A condition which is now labeled as “Alcohol Use Disorder” or AUD The disorder as stated by WHO has taken nearly 3.3 million people away from those they love. So how does one combat against AUD? In order to fight, one must first understand what it is and what they are up against.


AUD is more than just having one too many drinks. It is a problem that escalates into something far more damaging. An individual with this condition doesn’t understand their limits and often exceeds them causing health problems that go beyond a mere hangover.

For individuals battling with AUD, they can’t comprehend how much they are actually consuming. Often their thoughts revolve around when they get to drink again and when they get the drink, they don’t know when to stop. This cycle slow deteriorates a person’s life and quickly begins to affect their home life, work relations, and even their bank accounts.


There are tons of symptoms and signs that a person is borderline AUD or has even passed it. One may begin drinking alone or even stashing bottles around them. Other signs include bouts of time missing from their memories to waking up from blacking out.

Of course, there are other signs to look out for including the loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyable to consume more alcohol to ‘take the edge off.’

The fact of the matter is, AUD can occur in just about anyone. The line is crossed when an individual begins allowing their alcohol consumption to take over their lives. This includes the beginning of a new ritual of drinking every night after work, that grows into drinking with every meal until they are whole life soon revolves around when to drink again.


AUD is not something that happens overnight but is a series of events that over time, pile up and cause the disorder. Often, the disease doesn’t show up for several years. However, some people are more prone to developing the disorder than others.

The top risk factors that link individuals to AUD are range from genetics, to peer pressure, stress, and how an individual processes liquor. Other factors include environmental situations, too low self-esteem.

Final Thoughts:

When it comes to dealing with AUD, there are many outlets to help one overcome the disorder. Finding the right help will significantly increase your chances of conquering this disorder. But you first have to be willing to face the facts that it is a real problem in your life.

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